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Mary Maloney

Author of Love Letters Uncensored. 

“What is in this gray tin box?” I asked as I was rummaging through my mothers’ possessions after her passing. Saved all through the 68 years! A box chuck full of LOVE letters sent back and forth during the Korean war. Never a mention of these beautiful letters. After spending time reading some of these letters, I felt a compelling urge to share these authentic, original keepsakes of how two people communicated their unconditional love. I could share these private, uncensored letters. 

Why? Hoping to open the eyes of people to learn about history, love and family. I want to share with others to read, feel and know how two people communicated in a relationship (and a long distance one during the war no less). Shared in this story is the birth of my brother while my father was in the Navy. To read the letters of how excited Mike (my father) felt learning the birth of his first child, the care shown toward my mother taking this new parenthood all on her own, and the letters, money and small gifts sent to show his love. I have never read amazing love letters like these before in my life! Why not share what two people felt toward each other and continued faithfully writing during the time period my father was in the Navy. 

I hope you will feel filled with hope, love and joy knowing true love exists. I know time has passed many, many years since these letters were written. But people still feel the same emotions and feelings as they did back then. I want to bring more LOVE and HOPE that true love is alive now as it was back in the 50’s. True love will live on forever! 

Blessings and a life filled with Love, Mary Maloney Author located in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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