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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

A writer walks into a bar … then orders a drink and hides in a

booth because they have to write. That’s the life of a writer,

right? Who are we if not people hiding in quiet corners of

coffee shops, cottages, book nooks and corners of our homes just

to steal a moment of peace to write down our next big idea. It’s

those moments that feed our soul.

As a teenager I had a myriad of ridiculous jobs (as most

teenagers do). It wasn’t my career job. It was my gas money job,

and, let’s face it, my beer (or in my case) wine money job. I

did everything from cleaning rooms at a B&B to bussing tables at

the local Supper Club (Midwestern thing). At each and every one

of those jobs, I was often busted for taking time out to

‘daydream.’ (I remember I was once busted for writing in the

cooler while working at a flower shop).

What people (and when I say people I mean my parents) called

daydreaming, I insisted was something I couldn’t help. It was

that moment a character would be screaming at me to let them

move forward in their story. Often I would scribble a note down

on the pad of paper in the room I was cleaning or on a napkin on

the bussers station and then go home and continue the story. To

me those jobs were a distraction. I wondered when, if ever, I

could simply do the one thing I knew I wanted to do for a living

– write (and hopefully one day find a publisher.)

Trying to make a living as a writer is easy. It’s as easy as

juggling fire sticks after 7 shots of Tequila at your niece’s

graduation party because “the magician made it look easy,” or

enjoying a cappuccino with Big Foot or finding friendly aliens

who will help you hatch a plan to solve global warming. You get

the idea.

I know a select few people have had a different path. Some

people out there may be reading this thinking about how easy it

was for them to make a living as a writer (If that’s you, I

applaud you and want you to know that you’re an inspiration to

us all but make sure to ask Big Foot if he would like some extra

foam on his cappuccino), but for the most part, I find, when I

speak to writers, I hear the same things over and over,

  • “How come I can’t get anyone to read my work?”

  • “How come I need an agent?”

  • “Why does it feel so impossible to get published?”

And then there is the whole world now of publishing and self-

publishing. How do we as writers navigate that?

I hope to shed some light on that through this blog as well as

the classes I offer through Pen Bird Press, but the best advice

I can offer (which I learned through having my first book

published) is that as writers, we have to be our best advocates.

Research any publisher you think may be a good fit for your

book. Hire an editor before you send your manuscript to a

publisher, and by all means, hire a lawyer to look over your

contract when you finally get one. This is just the tip of the

proverbial iceberg for what we as writers need to know in the

process of seeking a publisher. I know I wanted to start this

publishing company to make the process easier for writers, but

more than that, to give them more creative control over their

work. We are storytellers, and while, we may hide in flower

store coolers crafting our work, we also want nothing more than

to share that work with the world one day.

I hope Pen Bird Press will be a safe haven for writers to come

and share their thoughts, ask questions, but more than that,

know that what they have to offer the world is worthy – and

maybe then juggling fire sticks won’t seem so impossible.

Perhaps skip the shots of Tequila beforehand.

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