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Yolanda Hernandez


For as far back as she can remember, art was always a part of Yolanda’s life. Art followed her to a college-prep technical high school, design college and into a career in advertising. A few years later, she decided to go back to school for a technical degree in prepress and graphic design. While participating at a tech college business development program, she started her own freelance graphic design business YoGrafix LLC in February 2008. Her day
job at R.R. Donnelley Printing Company (Green Bay, WI) has sharpened her technical skills
in print and design for the past 15 years. YoGrafix LLC keeps her evenings and weekends
interesting. Creative projects include logo development/redesign, business cards, marketing material, direct mail packages, children's book illustrations, book cover designs and internal page formatting. Time permitting, she dabbles in wedding photography as a second shooter
and digital post-processing, image editing and digital effects.

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